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At My PC Teks, our mission is to deliver, implement, and support the system that works most effectively within your environment, no matter how complex.

My PC Teks

Conventional wisdom says that most companies need computers to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Unfortunately, the simple presence of a dozen or so computers in your small company won’t mean much – unless they are being used to their full potential. How exactly do you get a computer to function at it’s full potential? And how can you achieve this without spending a fortune? That’s where MyPcTeks comes in. Most systems integrators start by telling you what you need to solve your communications problems and end by selling you expensive systems you probably don’t need. Not MyPcTeks, we begin by listening to you explain how your business operates, what its communications problems and bottlenecks are, what needs to be done to make it run more efficiently – and therefore your company will be more profitable. Only after learning all this will we suggest solutions to your communications / technical problems. Solutions that will be within your budget. Solutions that will fit your company’s operation. Solutions that will work. Then we’ll create a plan – specific to your business – to implement those solutions. We’ll also recommend hardware and software, work with you during installation and on training your people, and help you get your communications system up and running.

Benefits of Making the Switch

  • Start saving fast with a 3-4 week turnaround from order to installation.
  • Get personalized service with a single point-of-contact.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with an experienced team that will support your project through to completion.

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Here's What We Can Provide for You

  • Plan & Implement

    We plan and implement a Scalable Cloud Communications Solution with expertise, professionalism, and a personal touch so you can feel confident from start to finish. We offer everything from system design to on-site installation, system configuration, and project management.

  • Training

    Learning a new communications system can be overwhelming, especially with a system like ours that is more feature-heavy than those of most analog and VoIP providers. We provide the specific training resources you and your employees need.

  • Custom Solutions and Consulting

    Your business is unique, and your communication needs are equally unique. Our team can tailor the Star2Star system to meet those needs. We will work with you to maximize the functionality and familiarity of your communications. We have the resources to satisfy even the most complex and specific requirements.